Drake Wants to Return to Acting

Drake Wants to Return to Acting

He’s been pursuing a music career since 2007, but now Drake wants to go back to his acting roots.

Drake rose to fame playing Jimmy Brooks in the hit tv series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” from 2002-2007.

“Acting is another thing that I just can’t wait to really dive into,” the rapper said on the Cal Cast podcast. “I think after I release More Life, which is this playlist I’m working on, and finish this tour, I think I’m going to really start to position myself in the acting world and, hopefully, take some great roles.”

He also expressed an interest in late-night television. “I hope to get there one day where I put on amazing suits every night,” he said. “Just put on Tom Ford every night, sit with a glass of wine, and laugh with people that I’ve spent years with in the business, or friends of mine, and give people something to watch every night that makes them feel good and laugh.”

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January 27th, 2017

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