LL Cool J Opens Up About Knocking Out Jamie Foxx

LL Cool J Opens Up About Knocking Out Jamie Foxx

He may be known for the hit song Mama Said Knock You Out, but according to LL Cool J, no one told him to knock out Jamie Foxx!

Let’s go back to 1999, LL Cool J is working on the set of Any Given Sunday opposite comedy star Jamie Foxx. Both were new actors at the time, and Jamie told LL to ease up on the aggression he was showing while in character as a fellow football player.

So the next take, LL Cool J roughs up Jamie, so Jamie responds by punching LL Cool J in the face. After a few fighting words… “He had his helmet on, and he was turned to the side. He said, ‘I told you before. Don’t put your hands on me. Period!,’” LL continued. “Yo, when he said that, my left hand grabbed the face mask and, as I was pulling his helmet off, my right hand was punching his chin. This was like ‘POW!’ And then he was laying there and I thought he was faking because he was sleep!”

Of course this incident is water under the bridge and the two men laugh about it now!

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August 9th, 2017

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